Monthly Parking:

Sullivan Square:

We offer three rates, two for Mon-Fri Commuters who do not need overnight or weekend parking, and a Seven day - 24 hr access pass for residential users.

5 Day Pass - $160.00

7 Day Pass - $190.00

5 Day Pass - $140.00

The restricted, discount pass is only valid in the northernmost of the three lots that make up the facility.  The entrance is on Main Street headed towards Assembly Square Mall.  The parking is equivalent to the main lots and close to the Sullivan Station.  We offer a discount to simplify our operation of the three separate lots.  No overnight parking is allowed in this lot.

Please contact us via email: for pricing.
Monthly Parking is sold on a calendar month basis.

You may start anytime, but your first month will be pro-rated to expire on the last day of the month.

Parking is month-to-month you will receive an invoice by email and parking charges are due by the first of the month.

Sorry - No Credit Cards, Cash or Check only
To Purchase a monthly pass:

Email us the following information:

Date you wish to start

Car: Make, Model, Registration

We will replay promptly with the pro-rated rent for your first month and additional instructions.

Please allow 48 hours to set up your account

Haviland Street Garage

In the Summer months only ( Mid-May thru Mid-September)  we have Monthly and shorter term parking available for visitors on a reservation basis.

The parking is available 24/7 with In/Out access and guaranteed space.